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2018 Team Accomplishments

When reflecting on a year, it’s easy to be negative and think of the things you never got around to. Here at Aspirations Inc, we challenged the team to each share something they were really proud for accomplishing in 2018. The responses below are heartwarming. We challenge YOU to share something you’re most proud of from 2018!

Up first, we have Lynne Kostiuk, co-founder of Aspirations Inc. She had such a great year, she just couldn’t stay within the 3 sentence limit!

“Aspirations Inc is officially a double digit TWEEN! I am very excited and proud about reaching a business benchmark by celebrating 10 years of business in 2018! I am grateful for all of my personal and professional success over these past 10 years. My heart is full for all of those who have supported Aspirations Inc in reaching this amazing milestone! I am planning an amazing event to celebrate our 10 year anniversary in the fall of 2019! So, keep posted…it is going to be AMAZING!!! 

My Psychologists in Business Training Program is solid and strong! I feel blessed to offer such an amazing structured program for those who are truly passionate about business! My passion for training those aspiring to become psychologists has lead to successful completions of two Master’s Students gaining their degrees and one provisional registered psychologist completing our 3 year PiB Mentorship Training Program. Since my on-site training program is quite competitive and is limited in the numbers admitted each year, I have spent the 2018 year making great gains towards building my Psychologists in Business On-line Training Programs, which I intend to launch within the first half of 2019! I have a natural love towards sharing knowledge and supporting people to grow…these on-line programs will offer various ways for those interested in business to succeed!

My accomplishments as a practicing clinician are recognized by all of the clients, (past, current, & future) that are growing their true potential in their lives. The connections that have been entrusted to me are so precious. My commitment to discover, uncover, nurture, grow and transform with others continues in my daily practice with the ultimate goal to enlighten and enrich the lives of others. It brings me such joy to support others through the bumps, twists, and turns of life with clarity, understanding and compassion whilst undergoing the journey!”

Next is Shahinoor, a student level Therapist at Aspirations Inc who has facilitated and co-facilitated several of our groups.

I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astounding light of your own being” ~ Hafiz, 13th century Persian poet, 1310-1390

I have a deep passion for working with individuals, couples and families in supporting them through their experiences with pain and suffering, and in their personal growth and transformative journeys.

Reflecting upon this past year, 2018 has been a year filled with remarkable challenges and opportunities for me. Some key accomplishments I am grateful for this year include facilitating two 10-week Boundaries for Women workshops and bringing mindfulness practices to these group sessions. Women who attended shared that these practices helped them build an inner resource within themselves to meet challenging situations and relationships with more ease and calm. Secondly, I designed and delivered a 1/2 day Self-Love Retreat over the holiday season which was met with a full house. Women shared that this retreat offered a space for personal reflection and a deeper understanding and support for self-compassion. Finally, I have continued my professional development and furthered my training in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness-based psychotherapy.

Up next we have Jasmine Basaraba, who was one of our Masters Level Therapists. Jasmine will be going back to school this year and will sadly not be returning to Aspirations Inc. Thank you for everything you’ve done for our community!

“This year I proudly facilitated our Being Tween group for girls ages 9-12. It was an honour to work with these resilient, & beautiful girls and support them on their journey of becoming strong young women.”

Last but not least, we have Rosie, who also has finished her practicum and will no longer be practicing with Aspirations Inc. We wish you well, Rosie.

“I have achieved a great milestone as a student at Aspirations. The team here has given me valuable knowledge in helping me obtain a Master’s degree in counselling Psychology.”

Now it’s your turn! Share with us your proudest accomplishment of 2018!