A Farewell Message from Jan Gilroy

My unforgettable year and a half as a PROVISIONAL PSYCHOLOGIST at Aspirations Inc…

I found Aspirations Inc., like many of you may have – through a google search. At the time I had a part-time position elsewhere and was looking for supervision. It only took a few months before I realized that Aspirations had the feel I was looking for; the calm space, the trusting supervisor, and the insightful and diverse team. So, I applied for a position in their PYSCHOLOGIST IN BUSINESS TRAINING PROGRAM and was successful in joining the Aspirations team in early 2015. Looking back, I am confident that I made the right decision for my learning journey.

FIRST I would like to send out a huge THANK YOU to all the clients that I got to work with during my time here. I feel really honoured that you were able to be a part of my journey in such a meaningful way. Committing to explore your life with a Provisional Psychologist means that you had to be a more open towards being supported by myself and my supervisor, Dr. Lynne M. Kostiuk. Your faith in me and my learning process has been a tremendous gift towards becoming a fully Registered Psychologist. By trusting me to hold the safety of this space for you when my supervisor observed and welcoming the wisdom that came from our combined sources was experienced as mutually beneficial.  I really appreciate that you trusted our connection. I learnt so much from all of my clients and each of you have contributed to the Registered Psychologist I will be in the future. I have seen you grow and change; by trusting in the process and myself. I am just so honoured that I could watch your authentic inner beauty unfold.

Unfortunately, my journey with Aspirations Inc. is coming to a close at the end of April. My partner and I have decided to move back to Calgary, where we can be closer to the mountains and family. There, I will work for a non-profit organization dedicated to helping those affected by sexual violence. I am not leaving here empty handed. My peers at Aspirations Inc. have inspired me to be open to learning as I travelled towards my personal goals. There are also seasoned Psychologists and Social Workers, that helped to guide me while encouraging me to trust my own style and ideas. My supervisor, Dr. Lynne Kostiuk provided a safe place for me to: explore my strengths and weakness, push my limits and apply new skills in my interest areas, trust my instincts, and to push myself to grow while still holding my current self as valuable. In my time here, I have grounded myself in mindfulness and psychosomatic orientations. Fortunately, I get to take these many lessons that I have learn along the way to apply to role as a Registered Psychologist in Calgary, AB. I can attest that Aspirations Inc. truly is a safe place to grow.

Even though I am gone from Aspirations, there are several talented people here to help you. I have complete faith that any clients that engage in services at Aspirations Inc. will be fully supported in their personal growth needs.


Take Care,IMG_0156

Jan Gilroy, MSc.
Registered Provisional Psychologist