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A Time to be Thank-Full

The idea of “vacation” or “time off” has been generally considered a good time to refill our energy tanks. When we embrace taking moments away from our typical routines, we nourish our bodies and minds. The one thing that I have always really appreciated about the Thanksgiving holiday in particular, is that we not only have an opportunity to nourish our bodies and minds but also our hearts. A time to be MIND-FULL of how our life has made it to its current point. Taking time to not just rest and be with the ones that we love and cherish, but also to be in AWE of the people, places, and moments that have touched our life. Even though not all experiences may have been equally welcomed and perhaps some were even cursed, they have all been a part of the journey known to you and for that reason have earned their place in a personal reflection.

My wish for each person on this FULL of THANKS holiday is that you can identify and embrace the many experiences that have contributed to your FULL and BEAUTIFUL self!


Dr. Lynne M. Kostiuk
Registered Psychologist
Aspirations Inc. Founder & Owner