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Aspirations Inc. has NEW Winter 2016 Group Dates!

Announcing our New Group Dates for Winter 2016!

Being Tween Group

In this 6 week course, your young daughter will focus on learning how to create a powerful conscious connection to herself. Through experiential activities she will learn the art of understanding and accepting herself and the power she possesses to shape and define herself to become the woman she wishes to be. Even though a Tween may not yet be in the position to be fully in charge of herself, she will learn to have an internal reference point that she can trust to guide her as she grows and matures into a uniquely beautiful woman.


This group is specifically designed for young girls between the ages of 9 and 12 years old.

DATES: Every Saturday beginning January 16, 2016

TIME: 11:00 am to 12:30 pm

LOCATION: Aspirations Inc. – 9853 90 ave NW Edmonton, AB


PHONE: 780-468-1366




Woman’s Boundaries Group


In this 10 week group , you will learn, rediscover, and explore

  • What boundaries do & how they function
  • What your personal boundary style is & its origin
  • How to communicate boundaries
  • Boundary violations & what to do when they happen.

This group is specifically designed for women 18+ (Trans Friendly)

DATES: Every Wednesday Beginning March 2, 2016

TIME: 6:30pm – 8:30pm


PHONE: 780-468-1366

LOCATION: Aspirations Inc. – 9853 90 ave NW Edmonton, AB

Creating Forever Bond’s Couple’s Course 

This is an INDIVIDUALIZED 8 week course for you and your significant other, it is offered on a scheduled basis that you and your counselor decide. heart

Couples will learn about… 

  • Relationship dynamics
  • Connecting with one another
  • Managing conflicts
  • Lifelong relationship skills
  • Building intimacy and romance
  • Creating shared vision

  This course is based off of Gottman’s theory and is recommended for couples who have been together longer than 6 months.


Men … Let’s Talk About YOU!

Men are socialized to be stoic and rational and are expected to be tough, strong, and proud in all aspects of their life. However, with all this pressure there is often no safe place for them to discuss the issues and expectations they face on a daily basis. And so Aspirations Inc. is pleased to promote our weekly men’s drop-in group.

Topics open for discussion will include:                         courage-and-strength

  • intimacy versus lust
  • forming intimate connections with your partner
  • thoughts, behaviours and urges of male sexuality
  • communication in relationships
  • faithfulness
  • balancing healthy and destructive patterns

Additional suggested topics are welcome and encouraged! We want to provide a safe, open and welcoming environment for anyone wishing to discuss something weighing on their mind and their shoulders.

FOR WHO: Men 18+ (transgender friendly)

FEE: Drop in Fee of 15$ (to be paid at the door)

FACILITATED BY: Luke Tougas, M.A. Registered Provisional Psychologist

REGISTER ONLINE NOW to reserve your spot

PHONE: 780-468-1366

LOCATION: Aspirations Inc. – 9853 90 ave NW Edmonton, AB



For more information about our groups and services visit: or phone: (780) 468-1366. 

And stay tuned for even more upcoming 2016 group announcements!