Aspiring Healthy & Whole Communities

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Our 2019 Aspiring Healthy & Whole Communities Event was a wonderful success and launch into our free monthly talks of 2020. Stay tuned to this page (or sign up for our newsletter!) for our wrap up video from the event, and info regarding future programming.

In celebration of 10 years of success within the Strathcona community, we are launching a new community initiative called Aspiring Healthy & Whole Communities, which will debut in Strathcona to give back to this beautiful community that has entrusted Aspirations Inc. with providing “a safe place to grow” for so many amazing people! 

Our 1913 heritage home has been longstanding within the community, the root of our community connection, and the foundation for our healing and wellness business that aims to support our communities to grow emotionally, and mentally strong.

For years, we have been teaching the importance of investing in psychological care, while demystifying and disconnecting the social stigma that has long been associated with taking care of our minds and emotions without shame, as eagerly as we would our bodies. The message has been embraced by thousands who have entered our doors to grow and transform into their whole, true selves.  

We’re excited to be able to offer exclusive merchandise at this event and future including mental health awareness shirts, and sunglasses in various designs. Purchases support funding of our ongoing development of mental health programs for Aspiring Healthy & Whole Communities. These items are still available for purchase through our store front.

Keep watch on this page for schedule updates and announcements, or follow us on Facebook and Instagram!


We plan to carry forward our community efforts. The aspirations collected from the community will guide our agenda on what topics to cover when we host free monthly talks to give back and educate our wonderful neighbors over the next calendar year.

The exciting news is that this is only our first step!  As the years go on, we plan to expand into other communities – offering community members to have a voice for their specific mental health needs so we can ASPIRE them to live HEALTHY & WHOLE in their own COMMUNITIES.