Aspiring Healthy & Whole Communities

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Welcome members of the Strathcona community!

In celebration of 10 years of success within the Strathcona community, we are launching a new community initiative called Aspiring Healthy & Whole Communities, which will debut in Strathcona to give back to this beautiful community that has entrusted Aspirations Inc. with providing “a safe place to grow” for so many amazing people! 

Our 1913 heritage home has been longstanding within the community, the root of our community connection, and the foundation for our healing and wellness business that aims to support our communities to grow emotionally, and mentally strong.

For years, we have been teaching the importance of investing in psychological care, while demystifying and disconnecting the social stigma that has long been associated with taking care of our minds and emotions without shame, as eagerly as we would our bodies. The message has been embraced by thousands who have entered our doors to grow and transform into their whole, true selves.  


September 14th, 2019 is YOUR DAY!!

Come to Aspirations Inc at 9853 90th Ave NW and bring your community spirit between 10am and 5pm. Keep scrolling for full event schedule!

We have reached out to you to guide us in supporting mental health wellness in Strathcona community! You may have received our leaf shaped postcard to communicate your aspirations to us! We invite you bring your leaf and attach it to our Community Tree during the event as a symbolic representation of growth and wellness in Strathcona. Watch the tree flourish under your nourishment and contribution.

If you did not receive a postcard, we welcome you to print your own right here and bring it with you to the event.

If you can’t make the event, but still wish to contribute, we encourage you to pop by our building at any time and put your leaf in our mailbox.

Hand in a leaf with your community mental health aspirations for a FREE DRAW ENTRY! Extra tickets are $2 each, or $10/10 tickets.

JOIN US as we ASPIRE your community to be HEALTHY and WHOLE 

  •     • Meet and mingle with your neighbors

  •     • Celebrate our 10 year anniversary – Enjoy refreshments and cake

  •     • Enter in our draw for a chance to win a wellness prize

  •     • Place your Leaf on the Aspirations Community Tree

  •     • Attend various mental health and wellness talks

  •     • Listen to your provincial and federal community leaders

  •     • Have a discovery session with one of our therapists

Schedule of Events:

10:00am: The Many Facets of Anxiety presented by Cambi Smith

11:00am: Let’s talk about Postpartum Depression and the ways you and your partner can be supported presented by Shahinoor Meghji

12:00pm: 10 Year Celebration

Welcome message from Dr. Lynne M. Kostiuk, featuring special guest speakers Associate Minister Jason Luan, and Edmonton MLA Heather Sweet, followed by cake cutting ceremony and community connection

2:00pm: Navigating Gender Identity presented by Rachael Babcock

3:00pm: Self Love: A Transformational Catalyst to Grow Your Beautiful Unique Self presented by Lynne M. Kostiuk

4:00pm: Have you met your Gut-Brain? presented by Spark Wellness

We’re excited to be able to offer exclusive merchandise at this event including mental health awareness shirts, and sunglasses in various designs. Purchases support funding of our ongoing development of mental health programs for Aspiring Healthy & Whole Communities.

Keep watch on this page for schedule updates and announcements, or follow us on Facebook and Instagram!


We plan to carry forward our community efforts. The aspirations collected from the community will guide our agenda on what topics to cover when we host free monthly talks to give back and educate our wonderful neighbors over the next calendar year.

The exciting news is that this is only our first step!  As the years go on, we plan to expand into other communities – offering community members to have a voice for their specific mental health needs so we can ASPIRE them to live HEALTHY & WHOLE in their own COMMUNITIES.

Noteworthy Community Contributors

In our wholistic efforts towards wellness we invited local businesses to participate in our event to unite the community as a whole. This community flourishes thanks to its residents, businesses, and other Edmontonians that come to us for all we offer. We want to acknowledge the contributions of all the businesses who have stepped forward and shown their dedication and commitment to fostering a healthy and whole community in Strathcona. Look for their contributions in our draws and around the event!