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Fabulous Team Building Event with Inner Glow Nutrition

I just want to say a HUGE Thanks you to KRISTIN FRASER from INNER GLOW NUTRITION for leading the Aspirations Team through various superfood healthy recipes and teaching us so much about plant-based nutrients, holistic health and how to incorporate these into our daily lives so simply and easily. As a team we got to work together, laugh together, explore concepts and share our personal challenges and triumphs with our food experiences. Most amazingly, was the opportunity to sit and relax together as we shared all of the absolutely YUMMY food we had all learned to prepare. Today, I believe that our team definitely grew their knowledge and interest in eating raw, plant-based foods while at the same time GREW together as a TEAM!

I look forward towards continuous growth and bonding with all of the members of Aspirations Inc. Thank you all for being the beautiful beings you are and entrusting yourselves to our connection. I also look forward to cooking with you all again soon!

It is so lovely to know that there are gifted people like Kristin sharing her knowledge with the world to help make it a healthier place with healthier people.

If you’d like to learn from her you can visit her profile in our Wellness Companies web-page.