Girl Empowerment

Girl Empowerment Program for the Ismaili Community

 Aspirations Inc. would like to share with you our excitement about taking part in the two day Girl Empowerment Program for the Ismaili Community!
We hope our participants will gain insight into the challenges our young girls face and get on board the movement to help build stronger more confident women!
The topics covered during this two day presentation will be Mental health, Internet safety, Anti-bullying, and healthy living. 
Three Psychologists from Aspirations Inc. will be speaking. (For full bio’s click HERE)
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Parents/Caregivers: Come to our presentation “What the Tween is Going On?”  This information session will help to increase your awareness of some of the unique risks at the tween stage of life, prepare yourself to connect and support your tween, and learn about some of the key developmental challenges that tween girls face.
Young Girls: Join us for a fun exploration of yourself as we provide you with an experiential sample of what you’d expect when you join our  “Being Tween” group on May 2nd, 2015.  Being a part of our Being Tween Group, you will learn how to recognize your strengthscope with life challenges, address peer pressure, maintain a healthy self image, and build a healthy self esteem and confidence in yourself.
Register for our “Tween Group”
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We recognize the importance of preparing our youth for the future. We want to give them the necessary tools to help them flourish, and discover themselves and the hidden gems that make them Beautifully unique! 

When: Two Sundays. April 12th, and 19th. From 8 AM – 2 PM
Where: The Jamatkana Center (4243 – 93 St. N.W) Edmonton, Alberta 
Who: Open ONLY for Ismaili Community Girls ages 8 – 11 and their Parents/Guardian.
Admission: $15.00 for youth/ $10.00 for Adults 
Speakers for both days include-
  • Rosalyn Fung, M.Sc., Registered Psychologist, Certified Hakomi Therapist (Body Image)
  • Diana Thomas & Tereza Sampululu, Provisional Psychologist from Aspirations Inc. (Body Image/ Tween Group)
  • Vicky Mamczasz (Mental Health)
  • Kristy Harcourt and Derek Warwick from RespectED (Building Better Relationships)
  • Jessie Niles, a Captain of the Varsity Pandas Volleyball Team at the University of Alberta and a member of the Canadian Women’s National Volleyball Team.   (Physical Activity)
  • Caroline Missal, Project Manager at Safe and Caring Schools and Communities (Bullying)