Well after 9 months of dedicated efforts…our NEW WEBSITE has ARRIVED!!! I want to give special thanks to Braedan Jongerius who made the site run smoothly with all of the new bells & whistles that makes this website a HUGE step up from our old site…while still having so much room to GROW!  


  • To stay consistent, Our core style and images remain the same but they are LARGER and EASIER to READ & NAVIGATE
  • We describe our company, our services, and have a way for you to Register for Services with us from our website


Top Right: On the top right of our website you will see 3 buttons

  1. NEW “BOOK NOW” BUTTON: is where Our Self-Referral form can be accessed
  2. “F”: Links you Directly to our Facebook Page – so you can keep up to date with our latest news & events
  3. “Mail symbol”: Allows you to send us an E-mail (as long as you have an email program on your computer)

Services: Now are organized to list services we offer to three distinct groups

  1. Our Clients
  2. Other Professionals
  3. Our Community

Resources: An area to support our clients and followers link with relevant information

  1. FAQ’s – Is where you can look up answers for questions we are often asked about counselling in general or specifically in regards to our services
  2. Newsletters – our past and ongoing newsletters will be linked to this page so that you can read relevant articles, get the inside scoop of what has been happening with our team and in our community. Don’t forget to click the “Subscribe” button either at the bottom of our new website **coming soon** Or when you sign up for our services so that you can have our Newsletters and information about any upcoming services sent to you automatically!
  3. BLOG – We have decided to try our hand at Blogging! We will post stories on our blog or questions that we believe others may have an interest in…these entries will be also posted on our Facebook page…so you can access them from the site that is the easiest for you!
  4. Helpful Connections – This page will have various Recommended Reads (it will continue to grow with us) & Wellness Company connections. Aspirations has been committed to making connections with local community agencies or business that have similar goals for supporting growth and wellness. So, when we make a connection…you benefit from it too! On this page, you will find company information, links to programs & services…all things to help you be your best!


  1. Newsletters – This will be our next aspect of the page to tackle – but soon you will be able to subscribe on our page (you can already subscribe if you are registering for services)
  2. Recommended Reads – we have started to develop this page – since I would like an easy navigation for this page…that means that the page development itself is going to take a little more time to develop. My hope is that as this list grows…you can choose various topic areas to titles…and find something that would be recommended by our therapists in that category.
  3. LogIn Button – Disabled for now but is one of the biggest features that we are excited to announce. In the near future, clients will be able to access their personal accounts on-line and make or change appointments, review homework requests, or view billing accounts.