Self Love

How to Practice Self Care

When you find yourself stressed out with too much to do, self care is usually the first thing to be sacrificed. Doing so tends to make things worse! Remember that self care (ie. taking breaks, eating regularly, getting your rest) is just as important as the hustle in the rest of your life. Today is National Self Care day, so we have brought you a list of 15 ways to practice, and be well.

  1. Aspire your mind to be at peace
  2. Let yourself rest
  3. Feel your feelings
  4. Refresh your morning routine
  5. Get your budget in order
  6. Trust your intuition
  7. Limit your time in front of a screen
  8. Structure your schedule
  9. Maximize your alone time
  10. Find your place to vent
  11. Take imperfect action
  12. Focus on your basic needs
  13. Practice self reflection
  14. Identify your top priorities
  15. Say NO and stop over committing

Let us know which one you’re going to put into practice right away, and have a happy and healthy YOU day.