Aspirations Inc. delivers customized workshop/presentation services for groups of people who would like us to provide them with an understanding and/or experiences about a certain topic (e.g., work-life balance, body-image & self-confidence, reducing stress in the workplace, office boundaries & bulleying). These services are usually solicited and financed by:

  • Companies/Organizations
  • Social Groups
  • Educational Programs or Schools
  • Health Departments
  • Government Departments

Our team of professionals has experience with various emotional, physical, health, family, personal and work life struggles. Difficult life circumstances can have an impact on our ability to regulate our emotion, concentrate on tasks, and balance the demands in our lives. This can affect us at home, school, work and in our relationships.

Workshops & Presentations in the workplace can increase understanding of certain topics, help employees to manage their workloads, build rapport with colleagues and management, and introduce them to alternative service options to further support their needs.

When these services are specifically designed to match the needs of a group, they can increase understanding of the different stressors faced by its members, strengthen emotional bonds and unite members towards a general vision.


Half-day Workshop/Presentation (4hrs)          $1000

Full-day Workshop/Presentation (7 hrs)          $2000

Included:                                           Excluded:

Conversations & coordination with group spokesperson to understand the needs of the group, identifying the topic and the various options or directions for the workshop    Copying & distribution of workshop materials for group
Material Preparation   Cost of venue
Travel (time & distance) to the workshop destination within the City of Edmonton or 20 km radius    


*Due to the amount of preparatory work involved with creating customized workshops/presentations, we require a 25% non-refundable retainer upon booking.

If you are interested in having us create an In-Service for your group, company, school, or department, please email us at