Join us every Thursday in the Man Cave!!

Men … Let’s Talk About YOU!

Men are socialized to be stoic and rational and are expected to be tough, strong, and proud in all aspects of their life. However, with all this pressure there is often no safe place for them to discuss the issues and expectations they face on a daily basis. And so Aspirations Inc. is pleased to promote our weekly men’s drop-in group. Every Thursday at the Aspirations Inc office located on 90 Avenue, Luke Tougas, M.A. Registered Provisional Psychologist, hosts a small group for men looking to discuss the daily issues they face in life. Are you struggling with the current economic crisis? Having issues in your personal relationships that you just can’t seem to work through on your own? Are the pressures of life getting to be too much for you? And what about your sex life? Are YOU getting the sex you want? All these issues and more will be touched on by our small male focused group.

Topics open for discussion will include:                         courage-and-strength

  • intimacy versus lust
  • forming intimate connections with your partner
  • thoughts, behaviours and urges of male sexuality
  • communication in relationships
  • faithfulness
  • balancing healthy and destructive patterns

Additional suggested topics are welcome and encouraged! We want to provide a safe, open and welcoming environment for anyone wishing to discuss something weighing on their mind and their shoulders.

FOR WHO: Men 18+ (transgender friendly)

FEE: Drop in Fee of 15$ (to be paid at the door)

FACILITATED BY: Luke Tougas, M.A. Registered Provisional Psychologist

REGISTER ONLINE NOW to reserve your spot

PHONE: 780-468-1366

LOCATION: Aspirations Inc. – 9853 90 ave NW Edmonton, AB

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For more information about our groups and services visit: or phone: (780) 468-1366. 

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