Our Team

Lynne Kostiuk, PhD

Registered Psychologist

Founder, Co-Owner & Director of Aspirations Counselling & Training


As an owner and founder of Aspirations Inc., Lynne is committed to business practices that consider clients’ therapeutic needs from the point of contact. She has created an accessible on-line web-site resource for clients and potential clients. Information about our professional team, our specialty services for individuals and couples, recommended reading resources, as well as additional wellness companies we have connected to that provide complimentary services are all provided and geared towards supporting the growth, wholeness and wellness of our clients. Lynne believes that information is a powerful tool that can empower clients to make informed decisions about how to build a satisfactory life by choosing services or service providers that best fit their needs.

Lynne is also responsible for creating various contracts to support employees and their families with local, provincial, and federal businesses. She supports her team in organizing events and creating opportunities to build awareness in the community of various psychological issues and the services offered at Aspirations Inc.

Her passion for supporting growth is seen in her lead Supervisory Role with the internal Counselling Training Program that she developed and ran since 2009. This program supports the clinical growth of 2-4 Psychologists per year. Lynne is honored to journey with these professionals in her field and believes this training program brings great value to her continuing practice as well as to the clients of Aspirations.

In her clinical practice, Lynne considers individual, couple and family issues from a holistic viewpoint. Her non-judgmental approach creates safety within the therapeutic relationship, which enables clients to embark upon a personal journey towards wellness. Lynne is especially interested in facilitating personal growth for children/adolescents, couples and individuals. Her special interests include development of self, emotional distress, trauma, bereavement/loss, pre & post-pregnancy adjustment and relationship dynamics. She has had specialized training in hypnotherapy & hypno-birthing, mindfulness and body oriented therapies, play and sandplay therapy as well as Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and CPT (Cognitive Processing Therapy) for the Treatment of Trauma.

Ian S. Cowie

Creative Designer & Maintenance Technician

Co-Owner & Director


As an owner, Ian’s creative talents have led to the creation of our print marketing materials as well as various murals within our on-site child care service. He has also supported the company by maintaining the care of our building.

Rachael Babcock, BA

Masters Student Therapist


Rachael is in the final year of her Master of Counselling Psychology degree. She is passionate about working with young adults, individuals, couples, and families.

Rachael strives to collaborate and join with her clients as they go through the counselling experience together. She delivers services with her whole heart regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age, ethnicity, religious beliefs, or socioeconomic status. She holds strong beliefs about the equal rights of all marginalized populations to access and receive quality counselling and mental health services. To this end, Rachael is especially passionate about working with the LGBTQ2S+ community.

Rachael approaches counselling from a humanistic, client-centred theoretical perspective. She draws upon Queer and Feminist theory to support individuals to navigate their sexual orientation and gender identity. She believes that one mode of therapy may not work for all clients, and therefore incorporates techniques from various modalities as deemed appropriate for her clients’ specific challenges.

Shahinoor Meghji, MC



Shahinoor is passionate about working with children, youth, individuals and families. Shahinoor believes in inclusivity, collaboration, resourcing and strength building with her clients.

Shahinoor’s approach is one that is client-centered, integrative and holistic. She works with her clients from a place of compassion and non-judgment offering a safe space for personal healing and growth, to promote healthy relationships with one’s self and in relationships with others.

She draws upon several theoretical approaches with her primary therapeutic modalities including Narrative therapy, Mindfulness-based therapies, Motivational interviewing, Theraplay, and Emotionally-Focused therapy.

Shahinoor holds a special interest in Mindfulness-based therapies including Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Mindfulness Self-Compassion (MSC) and mindfulness-based parenting and children’s programs. She continues to engage in further trainings that support her to expand her knowledge and practice towards these modalities of treatment. 

Areas of focus include: stress management, anxiety, depression, parenting and parent education, relationship and couples counselling, grief and loss, career counselling/development, and work-life balance.

Shahinoor is passionate about working alongside her clients in their journey while contributing a positive difference in peoples’ lives. She values inclusivity and empowerment, supporting growth, wholeness and wellness with her clients.

Cambi Smith, BA

Masters Student Therapist


Cambi is currently completing her Masters of Counselling program through Yorkville University. She has pursued psychology with a professional background in childhood development. This combination has allowed her to embrace her interests in providing support to children and adolescents with struggles that occur at various developmental stages.

Cambi also maintains a strong interest in the later stages of development in relation to aging and geriatric issues. She has specialized training in dementia and aging disorders. She voluntarily offers her services at various retirement homes and acute mental health care facilities for the elderly to maintain connections and stay abreast of the mental health issues experienced by this vulnerable population.

Cambi considers an overall humanistic theoretic orientation as her foundational approach to her counselling work. She believes that every individual has an inner capacity to thrive despite whatever diversity entangles them. She acknowledges that her role offers the possibility of a rewarding therapeutic journey in which her clients can achieve their own sense of self-gratification and resilience. She aims to provide a space for her clients to explore themselves, feel completely supported and heard. She believes that through their safe and collaborative connection, her clients can find the way to internally understand and mitigate their own solutions.

Cambi welcomes working with children, adolescents, and adults of all ages. Additional to her above aforementioned interests, she supports people struggling from emotional or personal crisis, trauma, divorce, grief & bereavement.