Pay What You Can Counselling Promotion

PWYC Counselling


During the COVID impacted months, we reached out to our clients and members of the general public to inquire about how our professional talents can be of most use towards the healing and wellbeing of our community under the current circumstances. Our Pay What you Can Counselling Promotion is one of our new service offerings developed in consideration of the input we received. 

Our Pay What You Can Promotion offers clients that have been financially affected by COVID to access virtual counselling support at a price point that reflects what they can afford at this time. Upon registration, once eligibility is determined a fair cost per session will be set and in effect over a maximum of 5 sessions. After maximum sessions have been met, clinical need and affordability will be re-evaluated to determine appropriate further services.

This program is subsidized by our Aspiring Healthy & Whole Community Initiative. We want to thank all of those who purchase our mental health awareness/advocacy apparel and accessories. Your purchases make our mental advocacy efforts possible! It allows us to creatively offer our services in the private sector to those who may otherwise not be eligible.  Know in your heart that your purchase makes a difference in the mental health of others!

The following criteria need to be met in order to be eligible for registration:

Income decrease due to COVID 19 pandemic

No insurance coverage

Household monthly income is equal or less than $3000