Psychologist In Business Training Program

Are you a highly motivated person interested in becoming a Registered Psychologist? Are you seeking an open, non-competitive professional learning environment? Are you looking to reveal your personal gems so that you can BE YOUR BEST? Is private practice your ultimate goal? Do you want to benefit from learning at a well established centre who supports you to reach your professional goals and provides practical education on being a Psychologist in Business? 

YOU could be an IDEAL candidate for Aspirations Inc. Exclusive PSYCHOLOGIST IN BUSINESS TRAINING PROGRAM!

To be honest, our program is not the right fit for everyone. Yes, due to the popularity of our Centre, we always get a high volume of requests for enrolment, however our innovative, advanced methods might not be conducive to your personal/professional values and level of commitment. I encourage you to carefully read the pertinent details BEFORE you submit your C.V. for consideration.



Aspirations Inc. is proud to be a TRUE LEARNING ORGANIZATION based on a group mentorship model of training excellence. Each member of our carefully chosen team is committed to facilitating the continuous learning of fellow team members, thereby enhancing the education, experience, and expertise of our team on an ongoing basis.

We respect that all Aspirations practitioners possess unique perspectives, styles and skills regardless of their stage of mastery in psychological practice. Through the sharing of these various approaches to clinical practice, our centre promotes a stimulating and varied learning environment and enables an enriched, healthy professional practice both collectively and individually.



Aspirations Inc. Counselling & Training Centre adheres to a Mentorship Model of Training Excellence based on certain core values. The main premise being that a passionate, positive and mutually supportive team of professionals in the clinical workplace invites creative therapeutic strategies and promotes various humanistic and ethical approaches to serve our clients. Therefore, we have made continuous learning through mentorship the cornerstone of our private practice.

We share our knowledge and skills through several proven methods:

1)   Shadowing: Attending each other’s client sessions to observe, absorb, and discuss various approaches to the session.

2)   Co-therapy: Two therapists are in the room working with the client, with each facilitating a particular part of a session.

3)   Individual Supervision: Scheduled one–on–one supervision entails a series of meetings between a training member and a qualified supervisor to discuss files, cases, and explore the interweaving positive alliance of personal & professional growth.

4)   Group Consultation: Bi-weekly meetings provide an opportunity for team members to present cases and request specific support.

5)   Professional Development: On a quarterly basis, team members are provided an opportunity to demonstrate a relevant skill or share acquired knowledge with the rest of the team. In addition, speakers/mentors from outside the practice are occasionally invited to present a topic or service that will support us in helping our clients.

6)   Practice Building Meetings: Weekly meetings offer our training members a chance to discuss various areas of growth and evolve ideas that relate specifically to professional growth & the business of psychology.


Qualifying for Admission to our PSYCHOLOGIST IN BUSINESS TRAINING PROGRAM: Do you have the Right Stuff?

Aspirations Inc. is a private practice. We differ in several ways to non-profit or institutional care facilities. For the most part, we are responsible for generating our own operating funds to maintain our services and programs. Given our core vales, our mentorship model and our ultimate goals, we are extremely motivated to bring in the trainees who will benefit most from our methods and who will enthusiastically make the commitment to give back to our collective.

You would be a Positive FIT for a placement with us IF


  • Your personal and professional values align with those of Aspirations Inc.
  • You are focused and determined, with strong work ethics
  • You have private practice in mind as a career goal
  • You are highly motivated towards supporting activities that promote private practice
  • You understand that the effort necessary to build client base and thus receive commensurate financial compensation for your work
  • You are ready to invest in your future and commit to the time required to build a clientele
  • You embrace a team approach vs. competitive approach to practice
  • You are willing to share your wisdom and skills with others
  • You are open to learning from others
  • You understand that your own personal growth supports your professional progress and are committed to self development and evolving to be the best you can be


Who Do We Accept?

Practicum Students: Students from various universities who are in the process of completing their Masters or Doctoral coursework.  Practicum experience with Aspirations is directly connected to fulfilling an academic requirement of a Psychology degree program. 

Registered Provisional Psychologists or PhD Interns: Registered Provisional Psychologists are those individuals who have completed a post-secondary degree in the field of Psychology and are looking to complete 1600 hours of supervised practice in order to achieve full Licensure as a Registered Psychologist in the province of Alberta.

PhD Interns are individuals who are currently registered in their PhD program and are looking for an internship position that would incur the 1600 hours required by their academic program and the College of Alberta Psychologists towards registration as a Psychologist.



Practicum Students: Competitions to join our team usually occur on a yearly basis. Practicum Students begin sending their C.V.’s for consideration early in the year that they are looking to apply – which typically begins in the FALL (September or October). Interviews for these positions usually occur in March and positions are secured by April/May.

Provisional Psychologists or PhD Interns have more flexibility in regards to when they start and complete their required supervised hours. Therefore, often requests for these positions are received throughout the year.

Due to the high volume of interest our program only accepts the MOST SUITABLE candidates. The acceptance into our program can vary from year to year. Thank you in advance for having interest in our program.