Public Awareness

Aspirations Inc. is faithful in making broader connections with the communities of Edmonton and the greater Edmonton area. Our hope is to inform and de-mystify psychological issues for the general public as well as introduce services to support families, couples or individuals. Our intention is to create awareness and understanding of psychologically based topics that affect individuals in everyday life by offering informative and stimulating presentations that focus on relevant issues for today’s world.


Many of us may feel alone in our personal life struggles, but the truth is that usually there are others that are in similar situations. By examining what is happening to individuals, we gain some insight to what is happening in our society. Our clinical work at Aspirations provides a snapshot of the broader issues that are being faced in our communities. Thus our client connections, keep us in touch with what is relevant to the general public and offers a cross-section of what is happening in the world today. Our team discusses these issues in broader context to understand the trends of social, emotional, and mental health that may be occurring in our society. We use this information to create short public presentations that we share within our communities to bring people together, to acknowledge to our community members that “they are not alone,” to provide resources to help, and to support the overall growth and well-being of our society by reaching out to the members of our community.


Every member of the Aspirations team is committed to “giving back” by sharing our wisdom beyond our clinic doors. We are very open and even encourage fresh, new ideas from our friends, followers, clients and colleagues on how we can better connect people’s needs to the community. Thus far, we have found ourselves creating awareness & supporting our community in the following ways:

  • Attending community events to build awareness in the community of different psychological issues and the services we provide at Aspirations Inc.
  • Making connections to and sharing information with respected, complimentary local agencies and businesses that share a similar community vision
  • Presenting various clinically relevant topics to our people in our community.