Revolutionary App Challenges Stigma and Shame!

The Empower app has been designed by Lindsay Redman, a Registered Provisional Psychologist working at Aspirations Inc., who has years of experience working with many inspiring people who have triumphed over abuse.


“Fortunately, in today’s world of rapid technological advances, it is easier than ever to find and connect with others instantly using our smartphones. The Empower App aims to harness this power to strengthen individuals’ connections to a community of support, and challenge the perceptions of stigma and shame associated with experiencing abuse, to ultimately increase awareness that individuals are not alone in their struggles-and that they are not to blame-such that they will feel more confident to access support services.

By building upon individuals inner strengths and wisdom, the Empower App revolutionizes the way victims of abuse can help themselves and each other. It enables users to communicate with each other in a mutually helpful way, in hopes that they may gain the confidence to make positive changes in their own lives. These conversations can be powerful in ameliorating the dis-empowering effects of domestic violence, and may empower them to eventually reach out to other resources. Conveniently, the Empower App provides a discrete access-point for individuals to find support at all stages in their journey of healing after experiencing domestic abuse, and is ready with self-care strategies, insight-building tools, safety plan packages, connections to community resources and more, as an individual becomes ready to take these next steps. The Empower App’s also necessarily includes several safety features, including being discreetly hidden behind the disguise of a puzzle game, password protection of the user’s profile, a panic button to allow immediate return to the puzzle game function, and the ability to safely search the internet without leaving a browser history.

For more information about the Empowerment app and to show your support or contribute your ideas to help make this available for free download in 2016, follow these links! ;(Video)