Supervision Services

Aspirations Inc. can provide the supervision of counselling & psychological services for individuals who are NOT in our In-House Psychologists in Business Training Program AND are Registered Provisional Psychologists in the process of licensure with the College of ALBERTA Pscyhologists.


  • Determination of Needs
    • Identification of special interest areas
    • Exploring matching therapeutic modalities of therapy 
    • Determining scheduling & logistics
  • Primary or Secondary Supervision
    • Primary – Main supervisor indicated on program plan
    • Secondary – Supplementary Supervisor to support with special interests or when Primary is away
  • Support with Licensure process
    • Understanding the process
    • Review & feedback towards the completion of documentation
    • Methods of tracking
  • Identification of areas of growth
    • Professional
    • Personal
    • How these may affect intended growth
  •  Various methods of supervision
    • Shadowing
    • Co-Therapy
    • One-on-One Supervision (Files, Audio, or Video)
    • Live Supervision
    • Group Supervision**
  • Evaluations of Progress – 2 to 3 hours of live supervision at various points of your required hours
    • Baseline 
    • Mid-term 
    • Final – Includes formal letter to the College

**Group Supervision – Could be arranged depending upon sufficient individuals to create a group atmosphere or could arrange times for attendance to internal group case consult meetings.


Supervision can occur at the location most suitable to the supervisee and the method of supervision involved. When clients are involved, supervision will mostly likely occur at the location where the clients are receiving their services. When supervision does not require direct client participation, supervision can occur at the offices of Aspirations or a location agreed upon by the supervisor and supervisee. 


Supervision is charged out at the rate of $200 per hour at a minimum of 1 hr and then @ 1/5th the rate in 10 min increments.

Time charged includes:

  • Driving time to & from any site to perform Supervision Services
  • Evaluations of Progress
  • Discussion & Supervision of Cases
  • Recording & Tracking of Supervision Notes
  • Involvement in any client related processes