Training Program: Client Benefits

Our services are rooted in the concept of a “Learning Organization,” which values a continuous learning and mentor model of training. We believe that a stimulating learning environment promotes a healthy professional practice.  We respect that all individuals in our team possess unique prospectives, styles and skills regardless of their stage of professional practice. Our team is dedicated to engaging interactions to discuss and learn from each other.

The Learning Organization approach optimizes and promotes creativity within our team towards clinical issues. This approach to practice has a direct impact on clients’ therapeutic experiences at Aspirations Inc. Our clients reap the benefits of being connected to professionals who are committed to continual professional growth. Through accessing and exchanging a broad wealth of past and current psychological knowledge, our therapists are able to provide a productive and rich experience for our clients.


  • Sliding Fee Scale for clients
  • Free Parking
  • Evening and Weekend Appointments
  • Creative Solutions

Stages of professional practice supported by our program:

Our unique training program offers therapeutic services by therapists who are currently enrolled in a graduate psychology program or have received their  Registered Provisional Psychologist designation by the College of Alberta Psychologists.

Each therapist involved in our training program receives one-on-one supervision  by a Registered Psychologist specifically in regards to their therapeutic work with clients.

Master Student Therapists

Practicum Students are in the process of completing their Masters or Doctoral coursework at a post-secondary institution. The counselling experience gained in the Aspirations Training Program is directly connected to fulfilling an academic requirement of their Psychology degree program. Typically, practicum students have already had counselling experience prior to being granted acceptance into a Psychology graduate degree program, as well as supervised experiences within their graduate degree program prior to being placed in a practicum outside of the post-secondary setting.

Registered Provisional Psychologist

Provisionally Registered Psychologists have completed a post-secondary degree in the field of Psychology. Therefore, they have completed supervised counselling experience within their degree program and through a full year practicum placement outside of their post-secondary institute. At this level, their focus is on completing supervised training with a Registered Psychologist and passing the written and oral professional exams to enter the profession as a Registered Psychologist. This process can take between 1 – 2 years to complete.