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We are so fortunate to have so many amazing talented people with us this year that we wanted to share their gifts with all of you! 

SPREAD THE NEWS…we are discounting their prices so you can experience a difference in your life by connecting with them! 

Aspirations Inc. is SUPER excited to offer our first first PROMOTION to support the training of budding psychologists and therapists registered in our Training Program.

Since our inception, we have valued giving back to our community. One of the main ways that we have done so over the past 6 years is to offer opportunities for individuals studying Master’s level psychology (Practicum Students: Student Therapists) or who have completed their academic requirements and are finishing their supervised hours to become Registered Psychologists (Registered Provisional Psychologists).  Our team has devoted many hours to support the growth of our Training Program Members to become efficient and ethical in developing their counselling craft. In turn, we feel proud and confident in the quality of services these individuals provide to our community members.

Currently, we have three Registered Provisional Psychologists on our team (Tereza Sampululu, Diana Thomas, Susan Eapen) who are all very talented in their ability to conceptualize and formulate accurate treatment plans for their clients. They are all at different stages of their journey in becoming full Registered Psychologists! We have also committed to two mature, bright, and enthusiastic Practicum Students who will be starting with us in the Fall of 2014.

To Receive this Amazing Deal:

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We look forward to connecting & serving you!