Video Counselling


We believe that everyone deserves the right to grow themselves to their fullest potential. For some people, access to services can be a barrier even if they need or desire to support themselves through counselling. With the advancement of video communication technology we are now able to offer services to those who need it – removing the barriers – where ever they may be located!

Aspiring Growth Potential through Video Counselling

Over the years, I have been privileged to witness amazing growth and transformation for my clients during their counselling sessions. In the past, witnessing these evolutions of self have occurred mostly during in-person counselling sessions. More recently, I have been able to support my clients using video sessions and have observed shifts in thoughts, emotions, and behaviour leading to great life changes similar to those I’ve witnessed while conducting in-person sessions. Additional to witnessing these amazing shifts, I recognize that many of these clients would not have had the opportunity to attend counselling sessions in-person. Therefore, missing out on exploring and growing to their potential. That is, in essence keeping them stuck in old, ineffectual patterns of living.  Our capacity to offer video sessions allows everyone to have the freedom to access high quality services in  A SAFE PLACE TO GROW even when you may be limited by…

  • Transportation

  • Lack of quality services in your area

  • Lack of discretion for services in your area

  • Physical mobility

  • Lack of childcare 

  • Busy schedule

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