• Take Pleasure

  • Creating a Nurturing Environment for Growth

  • Soaking In

  • Learning to Love All Over Again

  • Opening your Heart to Play

  • Anything is Possible

  • You are NOT ALONE in your healing journey

  • Strengthening Family Bonds

  • Uplifting Spirits

  • Unveiling your Hidden Potential

  • Digging Deep to Discover

  • Strengthening our Communities - One Relationship at a Time

  • Embracing the Present

  • Witnessing Growth

  • Creating Healthy Boundaries for Woman
  • A Delicate Balance

  • Renewing Relationships

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Aspirations Inc.

A family owned & operated psychological practice caring for the communities of Edmonton and surrounding areas.


We offer our services to people who live in Edmonton and Surrounding Areas, as well as to Rural Alberta.

Groups, Courses & Events

Aspirations Inc. has been developing valuable and affordable services for our members of community. Click on the title your interested in below to view more information.


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